Oscar’s: Not bad, but not Oscar-worthy

The logo for Oscar’s is reminiscent of George Méliès’ film A Trip to the Moon, so walking into the joint put me in a movie state of mind.  Thus, the title of this post.


The place is quite small with only about 15 tables and a single booth.  Roomie and I were the sole patrons when we walked in, so we were told to pick any table we wanted.  Naturally we chose the booth.

Embedded in each of the tabletops were post cards depicting scenes of “Old Baton Rouge.”  While waiting for our food to arrive, Roomie and I enjoyed reminiscing back to the days before we existed.

We decided to begin our meal with the Roasted Garlic Cheese Bread w/ Marinara, which was slightly disappointing.  There wasn’t even a hint of garlic to what was basically a mini pizza without the sauce.  And the marinara had an odd taste to it.  Not bad necessarily, but certainly not good.

Moving on to the pizza, we ordered our usual: half cheese, half pepperoni.  We were a bit apprehensive since we weren’t fans of the marinara that came with the cheese bread, but we were pleasantly surprised when our pizza arrived.  Luckily, there wasn’t a lot of sauce present for our taste buds to fight.

Immediately, we both agreed that we liked the cheese.  It had a nice taste and texture to it, kind of chewy, but not so much that you couldn’t pull the slices apart without battling stringed cheese.  I didn’t eat the pepperonis, but Roomie felt that they were slightly overpowering.  The crust was decent, but not thick enough for my taste.

Overall, we rated the pizza a 3.5/5, our highest rated pizza so far.  The dessert, however, received a much higher rating (5/5 according to Roomie, though I wouldn’t go quite that far).  We ordered the chocolate chip cookie sundae, which we learned upon having to wait an extra 15 minutes was made entirely from scratch!