Dolce Vita – Wood Fired Pizza Food Truck

Tonight, we ate pizza from the Wood Fired Pizza food truck.  I’ve heard a lot of really good things about this pizza, so my expectations were pretty high going in.  Spoiler alert: I wasn’t disappointed.

Some of my reviews are about the atmosphere about the restaurant, but since this is a food truck and not a restaurant, I will be reviewing only the pizza itself.  Which I really liked.

The crust is very thin, which you all know by now is not really my taste.  But the flavor of this pizza was so delicious that I didn’t even mind.  Interestingly, the sauce was on top of the cheese instead of under it.  As such, the slices weren’t covered in sauce, but they also weren’t lacking.  The pepperonis were really good too – flavorful but not too spicy!

While the individual components of this pizza would normally underwhelm me, the flavor was such that I was overall impressed.  Dolce Vita pizza received an overall score of 4.25/5, tying with Mama Della’s for first place.  The two pizza joints are opposite in all aspects, but both provide two very different, but very delicious, types of pizza.

Pizza at the food truck costs $5.00 for 2 slices.  As usual, I got cheese and Roomie got pepperoni.  But it should be noted that the chef always has a special of the day.  Today’s special had a really long title with a lot ingredients, but I remember pork and gorgonzola cheese.

In conclusion, I’d go back in a heartbeat.  The food truck can be found at the corner of Acadian and Perkins on weeknights.  Go check it out for yourself!  And when you’re done, you can get a snowball from Snowman’s Snowballs, which is in the same parking lot.  We did!


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