Retroactive First Post

For my actual first post, I jumped straight into the Oscar’s pizza review without any kind of background as to what this quest is, who is involved, and how it came about.  I will now take the time to explain.

First, I’m passionate about pizza.  I could eat it everyday to be honest, and if it were a healthy food, I probably would.  A cousin of mine posted on Facebook about wanting good pizza in Baton Rouge, so that got me wondering… where is the best pizza in Baton Rouge?  Right away, I knew that it was up to me to find out.

I enlisted the help of my roommate, whom I will henceforth refer to as “Roomie,” to help me judge.  Sometimes we dine in, sometimes we take out.  But we always judge on the same 5 categories, which I will get to momentarily.

From the beginning, Roomie and I decided that it would be most scientific to get the same type of pizza from every restaurant.  I’m a cheese pizza kind of girl.  Call me lame or boring if you want, but that’s just what I like. Roomie decided on pepperoni, and so far, she’s stuck to it.  Sometimes she likes to venture out with exotic toppings (barbecue chicken exotic, not pineapple exotic), but I try to keep her in line for the purposes of this quest.

She and I judge on 5 categories: crust, sauce, cheese (which are, in my opinion, the only necessary ingredients as the building blocks of any good pizza), pepperoni (I don’t eat them on my pizza, but I do taste them), and overall.  Now, the overall category is not necessarily the average of all the other categories.  It’s possible to have all good ingredients individually but not have them come together for a good pizza overall.  Or vice versa.

Each category is rated out of 5 points.  After we’ve tallied our scores individually, we average our two overall scores to get our final, overall pizza pie rating.

Thus far, we’ve been to 4 pizza joints: Original Italian Pie on Perkins (2.5/5), DeAngelo’s on Bluebonnet (1/5), Oscar’s (check out my first blog post), and Mama Della’s (rating/post forthcoming – be on the lookout).

I hope you enjoy the quest as much as I have so far.


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