Dolce Vita – Wood Fired Pizza Food Truck

Tonight, we ate pizza from the Wood Fired Pizza food truck.  I’ve heard a lot of really good things about this pizza, so my expectations were pretty high going in.  Spoiler alert: I wasn’t disappointed.

Some of my reviews are about the atmosphere about the restaurant, but since this is a food truck and not a restaurant, I will be reviewing only the pizza itself.  Which I really liked.

The crust is very thin, which you all know by now is not really my taste.  But the flavor of this pizza was so delicious that I didn’t even mind.  Interestingly, the sauce was on top of the cheese instead of under it.  As such, the slices weren’t covered in sauce, but they also weren’t lacking.  The pepperonis were really good too – flavorful but not too spicy!

While the individual components of this pizza would normally underwhelm me, the flavor was such that I was overall impressed.  Dolce Vita pizza received an overall score of 4.25/5, tying with Mama Della’s for first place.  The two pizza joints are opposite in all aspects, but both provide two very different, but very delicious, types of pizza.

Pizza at the food truck costs $5.00 for 2 slices.  As usual, I got cheese and Roomie got pepperoni.  But it should be noted that the chef always has a special of the day.  Today’s special had a really long title with a lot ingredients, but I remember pork and gorgonzola cheese.

In conclusion, I’d go back in a heartbeat.  The food truck can be found at the corner of Acadian and Perkins on weeknights.  Go check it out for yourself!  And when you’re done, you can get a snowball from Snowman’s Snowballs, which is in the same parking lot.  We did!


Mama Della’s, Mamma Mia!

I was honestly so impressed with this joint, a true New York style mom and pop place.  When we first walked in, we were the only ones there – a common theme to this quest apparently.  We walked up to the counter to decide on our pizza.  There are two options: Sicilian, which is a really thick crust, or Neapolitan, which they call thin crust but which seemed to me more like a pan pizza.

Since I like thick crust so much, we decided on the Sicilian, a true New York Style pizza, with a half-dozen garlic rolls to start.  We chose to sit at the “bar,” where we were provided with a place to rest our hanging feet (as a short person, I really appreciated this detail.

Our garlic rolls quickly arrived, and boy, were they delicious!  Unlike the “garlic” bread that we’ve had at other places, these rolls actually tasted like garlic!  As they should have, since they were covered in garlic and rested in olive oil.

While enjoying our garlic rolls, we sat and watched the chef, a true Italian New Yorker,  make our pizza.  The Sicilian, we were told, takes 5 hours to make from start to finish.  It is obvious that the chef puts a lot of love into these pizzas.  He makes the dough and sauce from scratch, the cheese is imported specially but not made from whey (a byproduct of milk), and all the other ingredients have been picked out by the chef himself.

When our pizza finally arrived, I couldn’t wait to dig in.  It was thick and delicious.  While eating, we were graced with the presence of and stories from the chef himself.  He told the story behind the logo of his pizza place.  It’s a picture of his mother, her wedding picture actually, who is named Adele.  People started calling her Mama Della, thus the name.  Mama Della is 86 today and still living in Manhattan.


Chef told us all about life and pizza in New York City, including the fights over the coveted corner piece (Sicilian pizzas are rectangular). Now, onto the pizza itself, since that’s what this quest is really about…

The crust, in my opinion, was perfect – lots of dough!  The sauce was good, and the cheese was delicious, creating that coveted stringiness when taking a bite.  Roomie gave the pepperonis a 4/5.  Overall, we were both very impressed, and the pizza received a combined score of 4.25/5, our highest rated pizza yet.

But to be honest, this quest visit was about more than just the pizza for me.  The pizza was delicious – excellent – but it’s the atmosphere and the people that will keep me going back.

ImageNote: I found this picture on Google.  I didn’t take it myself.  But this is the chef/owner.

Retroactive First Post

For my actual first post, I jumped straight into the Oscar’s pizza review without any kind of background as to what this quest is, who is involved, and how it came about.  I will now take the time to explain.

First, I’m passionate about pizza.  I could eat it everyday to be honest, and if it were a healthy food, I probably would.  A cousin of mine posted on Facebook about wanting good pizza in Baton Rouge, so that got me wondering… where is the best pizza in Baton Rouge?  Right away, I knew that it was up to me to find out.

I enlisted the help of my roommate, whom I will henceforth refer to as “Roomie,” to help me judge.  Sometimes we dine in, sometimes we take out.  But we always judge on the same 5 categories, which I will get to momentarily.

From the beginning, Roomie and I decided that it would be most scientific to get the same type of pizza from every restaurant.  I’m a cheese pizza kind of girl.  Call me lame or boring if you want, but that’s just what I like. Roomie decided on pepperoni, and so far, she’s stuck to it.  Sometimes she likes to venture out with exotic toppings (barbecue chicken exotic, not pineapple exotic), but I try to keep her in line for the purposes of this quest.

She and I judge on 5 categories: crust, sauce, cheese (which are, in my opinion, the only necessary ingredients as the building blocks of any good pizza), pepperoni (I don’t eat them on my pizza, but I do taste them), and overall.  Now, the overall category is not necessarily the average of all the other categories.  It’s possible to have all good ingredients individually but not have them come together for a good pizza overall.  Or vice versa.

Each category is rated out of 5 points.  After we’ve tallied our scores individually, we average our two overall scores to get our final, overall pizza pie rating.

Thus far, we’ve been to 4 pizza joints: Original Italian Pie on Perkins (2.5/5), DeAngelo’s on Bluebonnet (1/5), Oscar’s (check out my first blog post), and Mama Della’s (rating/post forthcoming – be on the lookout).

I hope you enjoy the quest as much as I have so far.

Oscar’s: Not bad, but not Oscar-worthy

The logo for Oscar’s is reminiscent of George Méliès’ film A Trip to the Moon, so walking into the joint put me in a movie state of mind.  Thus, the title of this post.


The place is quite small with only about 15 tables and a single booth.  Roomie and I were the sole patrons when we walked in, so we were told to pick any table we wanted.  Naturally we chose the booth.

Embedded in each of the tabletops were post cards depicting scenes of “Old Baton Rouge.”  While waiting for our food to arrive, Roomie and I enjoyed reminiscing back to the days before we existed.

We decided to begin our meal with the Roasted Garlic Cheese Bread w/ Marinara, which was slightly disappointing.  There wasn’t even a hint of garlic to what was basically a mini pizza without the sauce.  And the marinara had an odd taste to it.  Not bad necessarily, but certainly not good.

Moving on to the pizza, we ordered our usual: half cheese, half pepperoni.  We were a bit apprehensive since we weren’t fans of the marinara that came with the cheese bread, but we were pleasantly surprised when our pizza arrived.  Luckily, there wasn’t a lot of sauce present for our taste buds to fight.

Immediately, we both agreed that we liked the cheese.  It had a nice taste and texture to it, kind of chewy, but not so much that you couldn’t pull the slices apart without battling stringed cheese.  I didn’t eat the pepperonis, but Roomie felt that they were slightly overpowering.  The crust was decent, but not thick enough for my taste.

Overall, we rated the pizza a 3.5/5, our highest rated pizza so far.  The dessert, however, received a much higher rating (5/5 according to Roomie, though I wouldn’t go quite that far).  We ordered the chocolate chip cookie sundae, which we learned upon having to wait an extra 15 minutes was made entirely from scratch!